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  • Chicken bacon

    Chicken bacon

    You might be asking yourself what chicken bacon is or you might already know. It is fabulous, it is delicious.

  • A Day at the Farm

    A Day at the Farm

    Today was Namine’s field trip with the RVA to the Homestead Farm in Hartland.

  • Amazing progress

    Amazing progress

    Namine got a late start at school this year because she needed heart surgery. If you remember Namine had to have the Fontan back in August. It has been a long journey. She should have started Kindergarten in the fall but surgery was a little more important. Namine’s health has a taken a backslide since […]

  • Fun among chaos

    Fun among chaos

    Today Namine had a playdate with her friend Norah and I had adult conversation her mom Amanda. We have been trying to go to the zoo for quite sometime, but the weather and the schedules just did not line up until day.

  • School work

    School work

    Some of Namine’s school work. She did a great job.

  • Bracelet

    Namine made me a bracelet using patterns. ❤️

  • Speaking a new way

    Speaking a new way

    On Thursday I took Namine to the speech pathologist at Children’s. He wanted to see and hear Namine speak with the prosthetic and without it. I had not put the prosthetic in because it makes Namine throw up. So we went without it, I still had it in my purse. Namine did her talking into […]

  • Sharing is the nice thing to do

    So we’re at the drive-through.

  • Rock star

    Rock star

    So Namine had her sunglasses on. I told her, “You shouldn’t wear them inside, it will hurt your eyes.” She said, But I want to be a rock star. Mom, when will I be a rock star?

  • Cath Before the Fontan

    We’re trying to schedule Namine’s heart catheterization for the Fontan.

  • At the hospital

    Namine was just taken back, screaming her head off. So sad.

  • Namine standing

    Namine standing

    Namine showing how tall she is. I love it!