·  Normal is a dryer setting.

For the most part, Namine is home schooled. (Well, that’s not particularly accurate either, but I’ve written plenty about that too.) Since January, however, she’s also been attending a second school one day a week. It adds to her schoolwork, but it also adds a social component that is otherwise lacking in her education.

Attending Bright Rising Arts & Education ↗ is more than just an education school; they’re also an acting school. It was through Bright Rising that Namine was able to participate in Romeo & Juliet last February, and it was once again through them that she played several small roles in this month’s production of The Wizard of Oz.

Namine had the pleasure of playing a few small parts. She played the part of a munchkin in Munchkinland, a crow tormenting the Scarecrow, and a citizen in the Emerald City. She had a grand time, and looks forward to her next play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

I mentioned that Namine participated in the play over the course of two days. That’s “participated,” not “played a part,” because while there were three different casts, Namine was in only one. She (and others) were still encouraged to come to the other two shows they were not in, however, to lend their voices to the ensemble singing parts. Namine was happy to do so.

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