This Is How We Roll Fashion Show

Namine rolled the runway in her fourth year in the This Is How We Roll Fashion Show!

Namine looks forward to the fashion show every year. Last year she modeled casual clothes, but this year she wanted to model something a little more glamorous. Each model is assigned a store from which to get clothes; Namine was assigned Old Navy, as she has for the past several years.

Old Navy isn’t a store I associate with glamorous or dressy at all, really, but we were fortunate enough to find a sparkly black dress. Namine picked out some rings and a necklace to accessorize, too.

Each model was instructed to come already dressed in their runway clothes. We arrived in time for Namine’s hair and makeup appointment, after which Namine had some time to eat before the show began.

In between getting her hair and makeup done and the show’s starting, there were also pictures to be taken. Namine got in line to have her individual picture done, after which the entire group got together for pictures.

As has happened at least three years in a row now, the photographer — perched up on a ladder to get everyone in the shot — asked if the group could “just move over a little.” That went about as well as you’d expect, and the photographer ended up climbing down and moving the ladder.

After all that preparation, it was finally time for the fashion show! Taking the runway first, as is tradition, was Bryon Riesch. A big fan of dinosaurs (we are too), we wore a tropical dinosaur-themed shirt. He was joined by two of his family members, dressed in solidarity.

Soon enough, it was Namine’s turn on the runway! I suppose it’s just a parent thing that I am always afraid that she’s going to fall off the side of the runway, but she never has. She is amazing and beautiful, and had a wonderful time.

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