A short story: Zombie Catastrophe

Namine wrote a short story based on a dream she had.

It’s not strange for any of us to have strange dreams. It comes part and parcel with having active imaginations, and in that we are not in short supply. It is odd, at least for me, to wake from a dream and have the entire thing in clear recollection. That was not the case for Namine, who woke one morning from a crazy, zombie-infested dream.

After she was done recounting the dream to Jessica and myself, we suggested she write it down. That she did, and I present it to you here, in full form. Enjoy.

It was a typical Saturday morning. We went to Aldi so we could get some groceries. But the day took a turn that none of us were expecting.

“Alright, we’re here! Time to get out.”

“Wait, I have to come in too? Aw man.”

I crawl out of the car, moping as I wheel into the store, following my parents.

“Did I have to come in,” I say with mope on my face.

“Yes, it’s too hot for you to stay in the car for that long.”

Then I notice my dad’s eyes direct to something on a shelf that we were walking by.

“Although, I may have an idea for when we get home.”

Then I see that he picks up the kit he was eyeing. It says ‘Make Your Own Human.’ He then says, “How about we get this for when we get home?”

I moan uncertainly at the idea.

“Come on, give it a shot,” he says.

Thankfully, Mom butts in by saying, “I don’t think that’s a very good idea.”

But of course, he keeps going by saying, “Eh, what’s the worst that can happen?”

And, disappointingly, she agrees by sighing and saying, “Fine.”

Once we get home, Mom says that she forgot something at the store, and that she’ll be back in a little while. After she leaves, Dad asks me if I want to start on the kits. I say sure. When I open it, it’s not bloody at all.

It’s like clay, when it’s dried out. I then started putting the pieces together, like a human-sized puzzle. Once we finish each puzzle, Dad grabs it and puts it somewhere.

Once we’ve finished all 7 in one out of two boxes that we got, I decide to take a break. But a few seconds later, I hear a noise coming from the office. Out of curiosity and concern, I ask him what the noise was.

To my shock, he replies with, “Oh, just the kits.” I wheel over to the hallway entry, and see the door burst open, zombies taking up every inch of the hallway width. I start to ask him what we’re going to do, but he interrupts me by saying “DON’T ASK ME WHAT TO DO, ‘CAUSE I HAVE NO CLUE!!!”

I groan at him in frustration. Now what do we do?? But just as I’m questioning our fate, Mom literally kicks open the door, holding a MACHINE GUN, gets in front of us, and starts shooting down zombies left and right.

She then turns her head to face towards Dad, and yells at him, screaming above the shooting noise, saying, “I TOLD YOU THAT BUYING THOSE HUMAN KITS WERE A REALLY BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!” Man, can that woman yell. And then I hear him yell back, “Well, how was I supposed to know?!?”

“Well, as far as I know, you’ve seen hundreds of zombie movies, read the book Frankenstein multiple times, AND YOU DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING?!?!?!

And he responds with, “Oh, yeah.”

After we finished cleaning up the zombie parts, Mom turns to face us and says, “So, what’s the lesson here?”

Dad responds with, “That you don’t mess with nature of any kind.”

Clearly wanting more of an answer than that, she says, “And?”

Before Dad can reply, I butt in by saying, “And that you’re a freaking boss with a machine gun!!” She responds contently to my answer by saying, “Exactly.”

The End!!

I will mention one thing in closing. After reading the story, we complimented Namine again on her wild imagination and creativity. She gave us a look, and said, “But I couldn’t come up with something this crazy if I tried.”

I gave Namine a look of my own. “You say that, but it came from your brain. You did come up with something this crazy!”

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