Aspiring geologist

Namine had fun with a couple geology gifts.

One of Namine’s ongoing fascinations is in geology. She loves learning about the different layers in the earth’s crust; she has repeatedly surprised me with information about the types of rocks and crystals. We’ve gotten her a couple different gifts to encourage this, but hadn’t had the time to let her make a proper mess with them. A couple evenings, she was finally able to.

The first was a couple geodes. We didn’t really have a great place to let her smash things with a hammer, so we went out to the garage. The ramp inside, leading up to the house, is made of solid concrete: the perfect setup.

It took her a few tentative swings to get the, ahem, swing of it. But once she did, she was delighted to find what sparkled inside.

The other geology-centric gift Namine had received was a gem excavation kit. She’s gotten similar ones with a paleontological bent, so she was no stranger to how it worked. It was just as messy with gems as it was with dinosaurs, if not more. But that’s okay; that’s what vacuum cleaners are for.

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