Spooky Shop

Namine and I went to a local outdoor vendor event.

Jessica and I try to keep an eye out for local events advertised in our city’s Facebook discussion group. She read about one called “Spooky Shop,” billed as a local vendor event. What interested Namine was the inclusion of pumpkin painting.

When we arrived, we found about a half dozen or so vendors set up. There was a variety of goods being sold, including crafts, shirts, an assortment of stickers, and some baked goods. There was indeed, as promised, a table set up where children (and adults, were they so inclined) could paint a pumpkin. The pumpkins were not sold or for the taking, but rather were to be left so that others could paint one as well.

There were more vendors set up inside the adjacent building, but its entrance had only stairs. Rather, I should clarify: there was one step up inside the building, which I had no problem bumping Namine up while a kind stranger held open the door. Once inside, however, there were a dozen or so steps up into the building proper. Since I was not able to carry Namine up those, we turned around and, after exploring the outdoor vendors a little more, headed home.

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