Independence Day, our way

In lieu of fireworks, we stayed home and made our own fun.

It has been several years since we’ve gone to a Fourth of July parade or fireworks. We’ve gradually migrated from the traditions of our parents to make our own — and they tend to be a little more freeform. In the past, of course, we have attended both parades and fireworks. But as Namine has grown, her heart has seemingly become more sensitive to extreme vibrations. She has complained of chest pains after fireworks, resulting in us not going anymore.

But that’s okay! We can make our own fun. Namine invited her cousin to stay the night after her birthday party, so Jessica and the two girls made a cake. We did have a cake for Namine’s birthday party, but you can never have too many. The two girls had a lot of fun decorating it. (Jessica and I would have advised moderation in applying the sprinkles, but it was not ours to decorate.)

We have had some pretty extremes in weather, ranging from blazing hot to torrential downpours. Fortunately, the weather was inviting enough for us to grill out. While Jessica cooked, I inflated our bounce house for the girls.

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