Long weekend at Grandma’s

I spent a long weekend at my Grandparents’ house while my parents celebrated their anniversary.


My weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s house started out with me needing to get up at my usual 7:00 time. We then had to get going as soon as my 8:00 class ended. After we left, we made the long drive to my hair appointment. My hair was getting quite long (although it was masked away by all my crazy curls). So when Kelly cut my hair, there was quite a bit left on the floor.

After she was done cutting my hair, I got to pick out some chocolate. I grabbed 2 small bags of chocolate eggs and a KitKat. I asked my dad if I could have them now, and he said no, not before my dentist appointment. Eh, so they get a little more dirty, so what? They’re already going to be cleaning my teeth, what’s a little extra work?

When we got to my dentist appointment, I went to the front desk to let them know that I was there.  We waited a few minutes, then they took me back. They cleaned my teeth, retainers, and took a couple X-rays (which are the worst when you’re at the dentist). Then we left the dentist, and headed to my grandparent’s house. When we got there, it was around 1:30. I still had time to attend my last class of the day. I hadn’t eaten anything all day long, so I asked my Grandma to make me a peanut butter and butter sandwich, and she gave me some peppers on the side. After I got out of class we watched My Little Pony until my Grandpa got home. Once my Grandpa was home we had dinner. After we all finished dinner it was time for bed. 


On Friday, we got up, had breakfast, and got ready to go to the zoo. My grandma had a spare Hufflepuff shirt for me to wear. I wore the Hufflepuff shirt to the zoo.

After the zoo, we went back to my grandparent’s house to relax before we had to leave for “Into The Woods.” I especially enjoyed it because my aunt Lydia played one of the stepsisters. Every time it would ring a new midnight, the stepsisters would come stumbling out, hollering, “Me first!!” After the show was over we went home and I went to bed.


On Saturday we slept in. After breakfast we went to the park to play Pokemon. Grandpa pushed me around the park so that I could catch certain Pokemon. It was Community Day and I had to beat a Rocket League. After we went around the park for a little while, grandpa saw some rain clouds. We decided to head back to the car. We went home and watched the movie The Secret Of Nimh while eating dinner. It was a long fun filled day. 


On Sunday I got dressed in my fashion show clothes.  We had to be to the fashion show early to have my hair, and makeup done. I asked for extra curls, since you can’t do much when it’s cut short like mine. Then they did my makeup. I had originally gotten sunglasses to wear, but you couldn’t see my eye shadow with the sunglasses on. I ended up just wearing my regular glasses. I was 6th up, so after the 4th person went on, I got behind the 5th person. When it was my turn to wheel the runway, I wheeled up and down a couple times, and tried doing wheelie spins, but it didn’t work. That is how I rolled the runway last time. I ended up just doing wheelies. It has been a couple years, so I was a little rusty on my moves.

Once I finished on the runway, I went to where I could watch other people wheel the runway. After the fashion show was over, we went out to eat with my parents at the Delafield Brewhaus. When supper was done I headed back to my Grandparents’ house.


Grandpa got me up at 7:00 so I could get ready and get to class on time. I got out of class at 10:00 and had a couple hours of free time. I played on my phone and watched tv for a while, and we can’t forget about lunch. When class was over, I had a snack. While I waited for my parents to come pick me up I watched some TV, and played games on my phone. 

It was a very fun-filled weekend with crazy weather. One day I wore a tank top, the next a long sleeve and jacket. That’s Wisconsin for you. 

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