Sleepover at my aunt’s

This past Thursday and Friday, I slept over at my Aunt CR’s house. I was very excited, so I woke up at like, 5:30 in the morning, stayed in bed for another 15 minutes, then got out of bed and got dressed.

After my school day was over, we left for my aunt’s house. Once we got there, I set up my school stuff and watched a recording of a class that I had missed, then we played some VR. After that, we played some Wii games and had supper (breaded shrimp and cabbage).

Then I got ready for bed, and went to sleep. The next morning I got up, got ready, and had some peaches and cream oatmeal, then set up my school area again (I did school at the same place where we ate). Then I played some VR, went to school, had my lunch break, played VR and Wii while lunch was cooking, then we had lunch (cheese dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough with grapes) and played more games, then I went back to school, did my homework, then played some more.

And then for supper, we had clam chowder with chopped bread. Then I packed up my suitcase and my school stuff, my parents talked for a while with Aunt CR, then we went home.

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