Ghostbusters in concert

We all got to experience the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra playing the Ghostbusters score live!

Through the Variety charity, we got tickets to see Ghostbusters on the big screen. But this was no ordinary theater; this was at the Bradley Symphony Center in Milwaukee, where the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra played the movie’s score live along with the showing.

It being in downtown Milwaukee, we made sure to arrive early enough to account for parking craziness. Because we were early, we also got to do a little bit of people-watching. We, regrettably, do not own any Ghostbusters clothing, less so cosplay garb. There were plenty of people there who did, however. It was pretty awesome to see the enthusiasm!

This was the first time any of us had taken in a movie with a live orchestra. We can’t thank Variety enough for the tickets, and of course the experience!

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