Covid booster

Namine was finally able to get her third Covid shot.

person holding injection

More than six months have passed since Namine’s second Covid vaccine, which meant she was eligible for the third shot, the booster. Unfortunately, this one has really hit her hard, even more so than the last one.

When Namine got her first Covid vaccine, she suffered almost no ill effects afterward. The worst she had to deal with was a sore arm. Her second vaccine didn’t go as smoothly, and she found herself feeling under the weather by the end of the day. She was going to art camp at the time, and ended up missing a day of it — but only a day, as she felt better pretty quickly.

This time around, the after effects of the vaccine have hit her the hardest. She got the booster on Saturday and started feeling it that evening. As a result, she missed dance the following day. She also didn’t attend any classes on Monday. Thankfully, her classes are recorded making them easy to catch up. By the end of the third day, she finally started to feel better.

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