Virtual winter party

We had fun participating in a virtual holiday party!

Continuing a tradition started last year, we joined Namine’s homeschool co-op teacher in a virtual holiday party. (Actually, it may have been a tradition prior to last year, but that’s when we started joining in.)

The party consisted of different games, most of them requiring little skill but a lot of a sense of fun. Supplies were needed for each, but the ones that weren’t common to a household — such as a plastic top hat — were mailed to each family by the organizing teacher.

The first game entailed turning someone into a snowman. Well, snowwoman, since Namine volunteered to be transformed.

The next game involved creating a tower made entirely of marshmallows. The glue was water to make them sticky, but as it turned out, we didn’t even need that. Our bag of marshmallows was a little old, so they had gotten kinda sticky by themselves. That resulted in us being able to make one of the tallest towers out of all the groups!

The following game also involved marshmallows, but this time in throwing them. One person held a plastic top hat upside down on their head, while the other(s) threw the marshmallows at them. The winning team, of course, was the one with the most marshmallows in their hat.

We were not that team. We probably were the team, however, with the most marshmallows on the floor. (I’m just glad none of them disappeared into the floor vent.)

The last game consisted of one person drawing a snowman blindfolded. (The person doing the drawing was blindfolded, not the snowman.) Namine wore the blindfold, while Jessica and I provided directions — badly — on what the snowman looked like.

We greatly enjoyed being included in this year’s holiday virtual party. It may have been delayed — as many things have been over the past few years for one reason or another — but we’re happy it was still able to happen. We look forward to the next one!

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