Photo shoot

Namine was featured in a photo shoot for Children’s Hospital!

It’s been pretty exciting for us lately. First Children’s Hospital featured us on their blog, then a local news channel interviewed Namine. Children’s Hospital reached out to us again, this time about doing a photo shoot with Namine.

Children’s Hospital uses photos of kids in all sorts of media: from their website, brochures, to even billboards. They don’t use stock photography; the children in their photos are real patients, just like Namine. And on that topic, who better than Namine? After all, she’s been a patient literally (literally literally) her entire life. Apparently, the media team at CHW agreed with us. 🙂

It was a beautiful day for photos! We met the photographer and CHW media rep at Kayla’s Playground, an accessible playground complete with wheelchair accessible swing. Namine had a lot of fun having her picture taken in the woods (but not in the middle of the woods 😉) and on the playground. The photographer had plenty of ideas for composition, but she also asked for Namine’s opinion. In fact, that last shot (by the frogs) were all Namine!