Baseball and sportsmanship

Not just the sportsmanship, but the sportswomanship and the sportschildship too.

This game is the second one in which Namine’s team, the Angels, played against the Blue Jays. The evening of the meet and greet, Namine made a new friend who played on the Blue Jays. We’ve missed a couple games this season, one being due to bad weather and one being due to Namine not feeling well. One of those games was the first against the Blue Jays, so we missed seeing Namine’s friend.

Unfortunately, we missed her again tonight as she didn’t come to this game. But then, many people were missing from both teams, resulting in a quite shorter roster all around. On the bright side, the smaller teams allowed for adding an extra inning of playtime.

Every sport has its ups and downs, its successes and frustrations. Namine and her teammates are no strangers to this, but it’s encouraging to me that they’re encouraging to each other. It’s not just their fans cheering them on — they cheer each other on, too. And at the end of each game, they line up for their end-of-game high-fives and say goodbye until next week.

High fives at the end of the game!

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