Snowball fight

A freshly fallen snow means a daddy-daughter snowball fight.

After a new snowfall, there is a short window in which the snow is perfect for a snowball fight. The snow is wet and “packy,” as we call it, but unfortunately for adults that’s also usually when the car needs to be brushed off and shoveled out. But Namine was so excited about the new snow, she didn’t care about whether it was doing chores or not — she wanted to be out in the snow.

So the two of us went out to the parking lot and took turns brushing off the car. We have a long snow brush, allowing her to help from her wheelchair. It takes a little extra effort on my part to get her through the snow, but it’s more than worth it. After the car was brushed off, I helped her back up the hill on the sidewalk so I could move it and shovel its space, then move it back again. Then the real fun could start!

Off to the side of our building it’s technically still the parking lot, but it’s far enough away from where the cars actually park. It’s so seldom driven on that it’s safe for Namine to stay on the pavement, but the snow bank was high enough that she was able to reach and make some snowballs of her own. When she couldn’t reach, I helped her out by tossing to her — as opposed to at her — some more. It’s more fun to chuck snowballs at her Daddy than the other way around, after all!

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