A windy hay ride

The blustery day didn’t stop us from going on a hay ride.

It was cold and windy, just what you’d expect from Wisconsin in October. Sounds like the perfect kind of day to go on a hay ride! The place we went to has undergone some changes over the past year, but they still have their hay ride.

Since social distancing is still going on, they weren’t letting as many people on the hay ride as they have in the past. Even so, it wasn’t so busy that we had to wait for very long to get on the hay ride. It’s rare that this sort of thing is accessible for people who use wheelchairs, and this was no different. By now we’re very used to me having to pick Namine up and carry her. I will continue to do it until I physically can’t, because it’s always worth it.

The hay ride itself was actually longer than it has been in past years. Instead of circling the pumpkin patch, it went all the way around the entire property, which included the sweet corn field and apple orchard. We didn’t realize the property was so large!

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