Orthopedic appointment

Namine’s orthopedic surgeon gave her a clean bill of health, in spite of her hip still being in pain.

Scoliosis checkup

At every checkup, Namine’s orthopedic surgeon and bone specialist checks two things: her legs and her spine. Part and parcel with her having caudal regression syndrome (which itself is part of the larger diagnosis of femoral facial syndrome) is scoliosis: curvature of the spine.

Namine does this funny thing where she keeps growing, and while this is a good thing, it also brings with it an inherent risk — as she grows, her spine’s curve might not grow along with her, but rather get worse. Fortunately, her spine’s curve has not changed for several years now. That was also the case at this checkup. Namine is taller, but her spine (aside from being longer, of course) has not changed.

Hip pain

When we brought Namine in to the orthopedic clinic after she fell on her bike, it was a different doctor who didn’t know her. This appointment was her scheduled checkup, so she did see her regular doctor again.

Namine had been complaining of her hip hurting, but the doctor confirmed for us once again that nothing was broken. Nothing is broken, but she does have bursitis of the hip — to somewhat simplify things, she has a bruised hip. The visible bruising has gone away, but the pain is still there. Unfortunately, there’s nothing more to be done about that but let time lessen it.

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