Inclusive soccer

Despite the crazy amount of snow we’ve gotten, we finally got out so Namine could play soccer. ⚽

Namine started participating in the Milwaukee Kickers’ outreach program called TOPSoccer last year. It’s a sports program for children and young adults with disabilities to play soccer. Namine had such a good time last year, and she definitely wanted to do it again.

Since it’s wintertime, the program is indoors. Indoor or not, however, maneuvering her wheelchair on grass (or artificial turf) is a challenge for Namine. Not too much of a challenge, though, as you can see!

Namine’s wheelchair has a low front bumper, which she uses to kick the ball. When she’s dribbling, she wheels quickly to push it in front of her. She can also use a short thrust to pass the ball.

Nearing the end of practice, they broke out the giant parachute for the kids to run — or, in Namine’s case, wheel — under. She got stuck under it for a bit, but it’s all in good fun.

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