Family picnic

Namine had a lot of fun at the annual Eiche family picnic!

Namine doesn’t see her cousins (I think they’re actually second cousins or something) all that often. It’s pretty much once a year at the family picnic, but she does enjoy playing with them.

Someone brought a giant Jenga. That was new for Namine, and while Jessica and I were a little apprehensive (not wanting to have it collapse on her), she seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. It never fell on her either, although since they were inside the shelter, it made quite a loud, reverberating crash when it did fall.

Namine also got to toss the Frisbee with a number of people: me, Jessica, my dad, and her aunt Nora (my brother’s wife). She got pretty good, but she also liked to toss it a little out of reach to make us work for it. ?

My brother and his wife had also brought their dog, Blue Moon. Namine, ever the animal enthusiast, always loves to hold her. She even got to take her out for a short walk. Maybe I should say Blue took Namine for a walk, because she pulled Namine’s wheelchair up and down the sidewalk! ??‍?

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