Gallery Night

Namine presented her Wisconsin research project for the RVA’s Gallery Night.

Once a year, the virtual school ↗ Namine attends holds an event called Gallery Night for students to gather and share things they’ve learned. Students don’t have to make a research project out of it; they’re encouraged to share whatever is on their heart. Some students talk about their hobbies, personal heroes, or what they’re learning about in school. In the past, Namine has shared her very own coat of arms and one of her personal heroes, Harriet Tubman. (She was already learning about Harriet Tubman at the time, but that didn’t change the fact that it was important enough to her that she wanted to dig deeper and share with her classmates.)

Namine had put together a board with facts about Wisconsin as part of a class project for the other school she’s attended this year, Bright Rising ↗. She brought that board to Gallery Night. She also spoke about some of her favorite things in Wisconsin, like the parks and trails, the different museums she likes to visit, and the best places to get pies. (In case you’re wondering, they’re Elsie Mae’s ↗ in Kenosha and Crystal Cafe ↗ in Iola.)

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