A wild ride

Namine likes to push the little shopping carts they have in grocery stores. They can be a little uncontrollable sometimes, though. (Sounds kind of like a ten year old I know.)

We went to the grocery store, and we saw that they had the little mini shopping carts. They’re not just for little kids learning to walk — they’re also just about the right height for Namine in her wheelchair. So she pushed the cart, Jessica pushed her, and I pushed both of their buttons. (Kidding! Sort of.)

Namine decided a little later on that she wanted to wheel and push the cart. That was all fine and good, except that she discovered the cart was not exactly stable. She came zooming around a corner — going perhaps a bit faster than she ought to have — and nearly tipped the entire cart.

I did already have my phone out, because I was going to write this perfect little piece about how awesome it is that grocery stores have these little shopping carts so little girls in wheelchairs can help out with the shopping too.

As it turns out, life isn’t perfect. (Well, we knew that already.) Yeah, it’s nice having the little carts, but what do you do when they seem to have a mind of their own? Taking a page from Namine’s book, you just… deal with it. You make do. You carry on and do the best that you can.

I asked Namine if she wanted to be pushed again, since it was much more difficult to control the cart with one hand, and the wheels seemed to want to go everywhere at once. She said no, I’ll do it myself.

I told her that was okay by me, as long as she was wheely sure about it.

She just rolled her eyes at me.

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