To serve tennis

Namine learned to serve in her tennis lesson, and then played (and won) a match against her coach. (Ten points to the Hogwarts house of your choice if you got the reference.)

This was the last tennis lesson until the summer session starts up, so Namine wanted to get the most out of it. She learned to serve, and not at all how I thought she would.

Instead of tossing the ball up in the air with one hand and hitting with the other, her coach had her balance the ball on the racket, which she held parallel to the ground. She then flipped the racket up and hit the ball.

Now that she was able to serve the ball, the last piece of playing a whole match fell into place. And with that, Namine played a short match with one of her coaches — a match which she won, 6-1. Here’s a highlight video of her last session of tennis practice.

Namine has had a great time at tennis these past five weeks. I know she’ll miss it, but she’ll see her coaches and everyone else for the next session this summer!

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