Namine’s first play

Namine took part in her school’s production of Romeo & Juliet.

When we decided to send Namine to a school with other kids once a week, it included her being enrolled in acting class. Her first performance was this weekend.

Namine was in the first and fourth act of an abridged Romeo & Juliet. In the first act, she played a citizen yelling “Down with the Montagues! Down with the Capulets!” (Regrettably, I do not have a video of this.) In the fourth act, Namine played Juliet’s death scene.

It’s a good thing Jessica and I were sitting in the front row, because Namine’s microphone cord got caught on her seat guard. She didn’t realize it until it was too late, but Jessica has good reflexes.

The next performance Namine will be in is The Wizard of Oz. We don’t know yet what part she’ll play, but she is looking forward to it, no matter what the role.

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