Attending a second school

Namine is attending a new school! She’s also still attending the RVA.

A couple weeks ago, Namine asked us if she could go to a different school. When we asked her why, she said it was because she wanted to be in school with other kids. So we did some looking around.

One Room School

We’ve enrolled Namine in a program run by a school called Bright Rising. Bright Rising itself is an acting school, but it has a program called One Room School: class is held once a week, where children participate, learn, and are assigned homework. And in case you’re wondering: yes, Namine has more homework as a result. Since she’s essentially attending two schools, she has to do homework for both of those schools. This is no surprise to Namine: she knew this before she started One Room School, and she is willing to do the work. For her, being able to attend a school with other kids (even if it is just once a week) is worth having more homework.

Romeo & Juliet

Namine also has the chance to have a role in Romeo & Juliet, which is put on by Bright Rising. Prior to her first attendance, the director told us Namine would be playing the part of the prince. Leading up to her first practice, she got a decent portion of her lines memorized.

Namine told me afterward that she didn’t get the part; someone else did. She said that during class, she herself couldn’t remember the lines very well. Of course, after it was all done, Namine was able to recite them perfectly at home — sometimes that’s just how it goes.

Namine wasn’t upset about the part being given to someone else, though. She was happy for them, and now Namine actually has two parts: she plays the first citizen in the first act and Juliet’s death scene in the final act.

Even though Namine’s class is just once a week, there are still a few practices between now and the performance, which is in the beginning of next month. Namine is very enthusiastic and excited for it.

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