Tour de Force Fall recital

The Fall season of Tour de Force ballet has come to an end. Namine has had a wonderful time, and she loved performing in the end of season recital.

The last class of Tour de Force is where the students show off to the parents what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown. Namine’s class is fairly new to Tour de Force. In the past, children who used a wheelchair had to get out to dance. With the introduction of the appropriately named Glissade class, whose name means “to glide,” students remain in their chairs.

Namine and her classmates performing an arabesque

After some warming up, Namine’s class gave their performance to the tune of Let It Go:

We are so very grateful to the Milwaukee Ballet, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and all the teachers, dancers, and therapists who have made dancing a possibility for Namine and everyone else who dances with Tour de Force.

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