Zachariah’s Acres

There was a walk/run/roll at Zachariah’s Acres on Saturday. We didn’t participate, but we did help out the other volunteers.

When we arrived, Jessica was asked to help pass out food and drinks to the people returning to the run. (It had started a while before we arrived.) Namine and I made our way over to the games, where there were a few volunteers but not many kids. As a result, Namine got to try out the bean bag toss game.

Namine tossing bean bags to knock down a pumpkin.

One of the other volunteers informed us that one of the larger pumpkins they were using for bowling had broken. She was going to feed it to the chickens. (Did you know chickens like raw pumpkin seeds? Now you do.) She asked us if we’d like to come with. Of course we did.

We watched the chickens dig out and eat some of the pumpkins seeds. The volunteer with us asked Namine if she’d like to help out with collecting the eggs. She said yes, of course.

The last time we helped out at Zachariah’s Acres, Namine was introduced to collecting eggs. This was all new to me, so naturally she showed me how to go about it. Several of the chicken coop doors were empty; some had chickens still going about their business; and some contained eggs still warm from being laid.

After we collected chicken eggs and delivered them to be refrigerated (and eventually sold and/or eaten), we headed back up to the games. There were only a few children before; now, there were none at all. So Namine tried her hand at the pumpkin bowling.

As it turns out, using a geometric shape other than a sphere does not really go where you want it to. Still, Namine had fun chucking it down the hill. They’d switched to using a smaller-sized pumpkin, which was not inclined to shatter as easily as the large ones. (Good thing too, the way Namine was shot-putting that thing.)

Before we left — things were winding down, and the weather was getting colder — Namine also had the chance to try the ring toss. (As expected, Namine’s arm did not fail her with this, either.)

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