Al’s Run

We had a great time running and walking in Briggs & Al’s Run!

We arrived about an hour ahead of when the race started. We parked essentially where the race would end, and we had to get on a bus that would take us to the starting line. The line of buses was pretty visible (you can’t miss the giant yellow vehicles), but none of them were wheelchair accessible. For that, we had to walk a few blocks down.

Namine greatly enjoyed the bus ride. She opted to sit in the way back, where every bump the bus hit was amplified. She was laughing the whole way!

As I’ve mentioned before, our team was pretty small this year. It was me, Jessica, Namine, my Dad, my sister, and two of Jessica’s sisters. My dad, sister, Namine, and I ran, while Jessica and her two sisters walked.

It was pretty hot for a mid-September day. Some years it’s pretty cold, but it was in the mid-eighties. Fortunately, there were water stops along the way.

True to her word, Namine wheeled quite a bit. Over the course of the 8K (roughly 5 miles) route, she probably wheeled herself about half of that. Considering that the longest she’d wheeled on her own previously was a little under two miles, I’d say she did an amazing job.

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