Fifth grade

I walked Namine to school for her first day of fifth grade.

“Wait a minute, Paul,” you say. “Isn’t Namine homeschooled?”

Yes, yes she is. But there’s no reason we can’t have fun with it! ? We walked out the door, down the driveway to the end of the parking lot, then turned around walked back. I opened the door and Namine greeted her teacher (yes, it’s Jessica), ready to begin the school day.

Jessica had written on her whiteboard about the new school year, so we all held it up for some pictures before I left for work. (Grandpa even got in on the action, since he and I carpool to work.)

Namine has been attending Rural Virtual Academy since Kindergarten. We switched from the public school Namine attended for Pre-K after they kept grouping her into the special needs class, refusing to work with her as other neuro-typical children. (Mental and physical disabilities are different. Don’t assume a child in a wheelchair is mentally disabled.) They also permitted other children in her class to tease her, citing “kids will be kids.”

Namine’s teachers and principal at the RVA have been understanding, kind, and patient as we’ve encountered delays due to surgery, hospital visits, and all kinds of hiccups. They’ve always been willing to work with us, and we are grateful beyond words to them.

Here’s to another excellent year of learning!

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