Last day of baseball

Namine has had a slight cold for the past couple days, but she didn’t want to miss out on the last baseball game of the season.

She was glad with her choice, because she met a new Buddy (the adults who work one-on-one with the kids are called “Buddies”). She’s never shy, and always happy to meet someone new.

The kids who play with the YMCA Miracle League are a variety of ages and ability. I observed at the game that every child who can walk loves to take an extra large step right before getting to home plate, stomping down on it as if to say, This is it, I did it!

Then I noticed that Namine does it, too. As she wheeled up to home plate, she tipped back in a wheelie, slamming down her front wheels directly over the plate. It’s obvious how much she loves playing, and we can’t wait until next season.

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