Family picnic

We had a great time at the annual Eiche family picnic!

We had our family picnic at the same place as last year. Last time, there was an elevated sandbox that Namine was able to play in. The sandbox was still there, but it was pretty empty of sand.

Several people brought games, though, so Namine and I played with the bean bag toss. She alternated throwing overhand and underhand, trying to find the best way to get some distance on her throws. She started farther up, but then she moved back. I asked her if she wanted to move up again, but she insisted on staying where she was.

After some practice, Namine found that by throwing underhand, she could consistently get the beanbag to the board. Just like when she throws a bowling ball, she finds that her arm crosses over without her intending it to. She never got frustrated, though. She recognized that all she needed was practice, and time. She kept at it, with a smile the entire time.

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