Tennis with a wrist brace

Namine played tennis with her wrist brace this week.

Last week, we had another scare with Namine’s hand. The day after practice, Namine told us (nonchalantly, I might add), “My arm hurts. I think it might be broken.”

Talk about déjà vu: This is almost an exact repeat of what happened last February, also the day after tennis. Namine has had more experience with broken bones than anyone I know (except for my brother, perhaps, but not by age 10-minus-a-day). So when she thinks a bone is broken, we believe her.

After seeing Namine’s bone specialist, they had determined that she did not have a broken bone. Rather, she just had tennis elbow. (I want to clarify that I hate that word “just,” and that’s their word, not mine. If Namine is in enough pain that it’s worth mentioning to us, my typically stoic daughter must be in considerable pain, indeed.)

Rather than miss tennis, Namine went armed (ha ha) with a wrist brace of Jessica’s. She only had the one, so she switched it from one wrist to the other as necessary.

As for tennis practice itself, Namine had a great time. She had started out with a couple of the basics: learning to hit the ball in various ways, like volleys, forehand, and backhand; and learning to wheel herself while holding the racquet, instead of holding it in her lap.

This week, she took it up a notch. She started to move forward and back on the court, in order to better position herself to hit the ball. Before the end of practice, she played doubles with some of the volunteers.

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