Pre-birthday party

We were going camping on Namine’s birthday, so we had a party for her on the day before.

Namine asked for cupcakes this year. She liked the idea of mud cupcakes (you know, like chocolate pudding on top of crushed Oreos), but she also wanted vanilla cake. So instead of buying some pre-made stuff, we smashed our own Oreos and put them in the middle of the cupcake batter.

While those baked, Jessica made buttercream frosting. She also made little ones and some homemade whipped cream to go on top of those. Namine has been on a dinosaur kick lately (no complaints here), so we decorated most of the cupcakes with little edible dinosaurs. When we ran out, we put a plastic pterodactyl on one (caution: do not eat) and a hybrid unicorn/hippopotamus made out of fondant on the other.

After we ate dinner (we had pizza), Namine opened her presents. These are just a few of the pictures — it’s hard to choose my favorites! Namine had a wonderful time opening them.

Namine always asks for “experiences, not just stuff” as presents, so we had two for her. First is a week long camping trip, which starts on her birthday. I suppose it’s more “glamping” than “real camping,” since we’ll be staying in a cabin.

The second experience is an American Girl sleepover in Madison at the end of this week. To that end, Namine also got a brand new America Girl and a set of matching pajamas for her and the doll.

After Namine was done opening her presents, we sang “Happy Birthday” to her (much to her embarrassment — get used to it, kid), she blew out her candles, and we all had some delicious cupcakes.

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