State testing

Namine is done with this year’s state testing.

Since she’s in fourth grade, it wasn’t a requirement for Namine to participate in the state testing this year. (It was required last year.) We still thought it would be a good thing to do so, and Namine wasn’t unwilling, either.

Day one

We got up early — 5:00 in the morning — to arrive in Rothschild for the start of testing. The trip was roughly three hours long, and we had some crazy weather. It was very foggy for most of it, and we found that they have a lot more snow up here.

The state testing was scheduled to begin at 9:00, but didn’t get there until around 10:00. The fourth grade test was approximately seven and a half hours long, and Namine had two days in which to complete it. She had plenty of time.

It was recommended that every student bring their own headphones, but there were extra earbuds in case people didn’t. Earbuds hurt Namine, so she was glad we’d gotten her noise-canceling headphones just for the occasion. She put them on and got to work.

Jessica and I had some time to kill, so we checked into the hotel and put our stuff in the room. We also checked out the hotel, whose most common piece of decor was moose. (Singular or plural? The answer is “yes.”)

Namine wrapped up her work for the day shortly before 3:00. She could have worked until 4:00, but by that time, she’d completed three of the four sub-tests and she had all day tomorrow.

The hotel had a small arcade and an indoor pool, so we relaxed by playing video games and swimming. Then it was off to an early bed, so we’d be well-rested for an early morning.

Day two

We couldn’t seem to get the room to a comfortable temperature, so none of us slept very well (which is not very conducive toward good test environment). Despite that, Namine was in good spirits and looked forward to finishing her tests.

Breakfast was provided by the hotel. Namine had a waffle with whipped cream, which is probably a requirement when staying at a hotel. We finished breakfast just in time for Namine to resume her tests.

After we dropped Namine off at her testing, Jessica and I gathered up our stuff and checked out of the hotel. As it turned out, Namine only had a couple hours left of testing. We had to take our time getting home, because the weather was starting to get pretty foul. We ran into hail a few times, and arrived home just in time for dinner.

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