Presentation at Marquette

Jessica, Namine, and I gave another talk to the bioengineering class at Marquette University.

In March of last year, we were invited to come talk at Marquette. The professor asked us back, which we were happy to do.

We’ve given this talk three times now. The first, of course, was last March; we gave (a version of) it again in October at the medical college. I say a “version of it” because it’s never the same twice.

The talk itself is on equipment and accessibility. Sure, we have a set of slides. They follow a timeline of Namine’s life and the equipment she’s had over the years. (They also help to keep us on track. We’d follow a thousand tangents and never reach our point!) But we don’t memorize a speech; we speak from the heart. We let our experience and memories lead the way in speaking to others about accessibility. This isn’t just a field of study for us — it’s our life. Who’s better qualified to talk about it than us?

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