Last day of tennis

Despite Namine’s hurt wrist, she had a great time at the last tennis practice.

Namine got a clean bill of health after seeing her orthopedic surgeon and bone specialist, but she was still told to take it easy. In case you’re wondering, “taking it easy” means not playing tennis.

Since she’d already missed some tennis due to the broken bone, she didn’t want to miss the very last practice, either. To that end, she decided to use her right hand instead of her left. You’d never have known it was her off hand.

During the weeks that Namine has been at tennis, Namine has had a partner in practice. After the last practice ended, they said goodbye. Namine told me, after the girl and her family left, “I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again. I hope I do. But no matter what, she’ll always be my friend.”

There was one thing left before it was time for us to go: Namine was presented with her certificate for being in adaptive tennis. She had a great time, and I know she can’t wait until Spring, when practice will start up again.

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