Namine was finally able to return to basketball.

Now that her leg is no longer broken, Namine had the blessing of her orthopedic surgeon to return to basketball practice. It was a long time coming, and she could not have been more thrilled.

Having been absent for a while (more than two months), Namine was a little out of practice in some of the drills. She was perfectly happy to jump right back in (so to speak), and there was no lack of enthusiasm on her part.

One of the drills the kids did was pulling one another across the court. Namine was paired with a kid who was having a little trouble pulling her. Her solution was to hold on with one hand and push with the other, giving him a boost.

Not realizing this, I called out to Namine to hold on with both hands. Not losing any stride, she called back, “I’m helping him wheel! I can hold on with one hand and push with the other!”

A kid sitting on the sidelines said to me, “She likes to help, doesn’t she?” I nodded. Yes, Namine has never lacked for generosity.

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