Free Comic Book Day

Otherwise known as Revenge of the Sixth.

When Namine and I got home from baseball practice, I remembered that today was Free Comic Book Day. So we headed out once more, to Lost World of Wonders, the closest comic book store around here.

Last year for FCBD, we went to a comic convention of sorts. There was an admission price, and I think we only got one free comic book per person. At Lost World of Wonders, we got four comic books per person. Namine picked out Wonder Woman, DC Superhero Girls (which is geared towards a younger audience and consists of pretty much every female character in DC’s roster, good or bad), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a Guardians of the Galaxy/Defenders combo. She also wanted a Legend of Zelda comic, so I picked that one up as one of mine.

We walked around the store for a bit before hitting the road again, and ran into a few cosplayers. Namine isn’t too familiar with the X-Men (having never seen the movies, and I don’t really collect their comics), but she wanted her picture taken with Wolverine and Phoenix anyway. She recognized the Tusken Raider, though, calling him “sand guy.”

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