Green beans

It’s bean a while since I’ve written about cooking, so I thought I’d write about one of my favorite things to cook.

Like most of my “recipes” (picture me doing finger quotes here), it’s pretty much the result of experimentation and trial & error. Oh, and I don’t measure anything. Unlike baking, I’ve discovered stove-top cooking is much more forgiving of mistakes and the “pinch of this, handful of that” kind of measuring.

That said, I do usually start out with a measured amount of olive oil, about two tablespoons. I let that sit on medium heat for a minute or two, just enough to get it hot.

Grab a handful of beans and toss ’em on. No, I don’t know how many. A big handful. I have medium size hands, if you must know.

Chop up some garlic. I don’t know how much, because that will depend on how much you love garlic. Probably a lot, if you’re like me.

Toss on the chopped garlic, and maybe throw on some minced garlic also. The chopped garlic will get nice and crunchy.

Something I used to do, but don’t anymore, is sprinkle on some garlic and onion powder. I would love to include it, but I always end up burning it. I’m sure a more seasoned chef could include them more successfully than I.

To add a little more flavor, lightly sprinkle on some sesame oil and soy sauce. Being sensitive to salt (not in any medical capacity, I just don’t like to taste the salt directly), I prefer low sodium soy sauce. No, I don’t have any measurements for you. Just… I don’t know, three or four swishes or something. Whatever, do what you want.

Now comes my favorite part, almonds! (Come to think of it, it’s Jessica’s and Namine’s favorite part, too.) Grab a handful of almonds (we always have some in the freezer) and put them in with the beans for a minute or two. Sometimes I chop them up into sliver-ish sizes, sometimes I just cut them in half.

And there you have it: green beans a la Paul. I don’t profess to be any great chef or anything — in many ways I’m still a cooking padawan — but my family likes it, and that’s a success in my book.

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