I decided to start recording my progress on video, at the risk of embarrassing myself.

In retrospect, I really should have started doing this sooner. I recorded myself doing as many push ups as I could, and I had to stop at 30.

As I rested, I watched the video instead of running in place. I learned two things.

  1. I really, really hate my voice.
  2. I have not been going down as far in my push ups as I should have been.

For the remainder of the push ups, I took a three minute rest in between instead of five. I did as many push ups as I could each time, taking care to go closer to the ground. As a result, I think I worked my arms much harder tonight than I have in the past; consequently, I was only able to do 15 push ups at most per set. Nevertheless, I finally made it to 100.

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