I was weak tonight.

I could lie and say I did 100 full push ups, but if I’m not honest with myself, then what’s the point?

I had to go back down to my usual sets of 25 push ups tonight. Instead of five minutes of running in place in between, however, I tried three minutes instead. I think, in retrospect, that it was not enough — either my arms just need that extra two minutes of rest, or I’m simply just not ready yet.

I made it to a total of 95 full push ups when my arms (merely wobbly and shaky at this point) just gave up. I don’t think I mean that I gave up; doing 100 push ups each day has taught me, if nothing else, to ignore piddly things like aching muscles. No, as far as I know, my arms just collapsed. Gathering what felt like the last of my strength, I did the remaining five push ups on my knees.

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