I want to kind of crunch the experience of the past three days into this post, and then (try to) post about it every night.

So the first night I wasn’t able to do more than 15 push ups at a time. When I hit 50, I wasn’t able to do more than 10 per set. I also had to rest for about five minutes in between sets.

Last night, I was able to do 20 push ups in the first set. After that, I had to bring it down 10 per set, just like the previous night. I was able to do sets with only a few minutes in between each one.

All day today, I’ve had this constant ache in the muscles in my arms and chest. (I wonder why!) Bringing an eight-ounce glass of water up to my mouth kind of makes my arm shake a little. If I wasn’t feeling the repercussions of doing 100 push ups each night before, I definitely am now.

This evening, I made it up to 25 push ups in the first set. Once again, I had to back it down to 10 per set, but I was able to lower the rest in between each to between one and two minutes. By the time I got to the end of each set, my arms were shake-shake-shaking.

Even typing this out, I just want to let my arms dangle and do nothing with them for the rest of the night. I also learned (in a slightly hubristic fashion, I suppose, by taking my own picture while doing push ups) that “concentrating Paul” has crazy eyes.

This post is part of the timeline: 100 Push Ups A Day – an ongoing story on this site. View the timeline for more context on this post.

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