What will probably be the last release of Cover is available now.

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Now that the initial release of Cover2, my total rewrite of the Cover theme, has been submitted to the WordPress.org theme directory, the original theme is only receiving bug fixes. To that end, though, I am releasing Cover 1.8.1.

This version of Cover addresses a template change with the Algolia search plugin, which broke backward compatibility with custom templates in version 1.7. There are also some other minor changes, like fixing the text color inside Aesop Story Engine containers, titles for custom taxonomy archive pages, and some Feature Video Plus plugin functionality.

I did add one feature, which breaks my self-imposed rule of sticking to semantic versioning. I try to keep feature additions or changes to major releases (1.x) and bug fixes to minor releases (1.x.x), but I decided to just throw this in for the heck of it. If you have the Featured Video Plus plugin installed, you can set a featured video for a post. If you set that post to have the post format of “Video”, the featured video will be set as an auto-playing background video. This only works if the video is self-hosted.

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