Long sleeves and legwarmers

As the cold weather creeps up, we have to bundle up accordingly.

It was too cold to let Namine wheel out to the car in tights, so we broke out the legwarmers. As I’m still waiting for Namine’s dance classes to be done, I don’t know whether or not she kept them on.

About two and a half classes in (she’s in three altogether, but she stays in her wheelchair for the second), Namine came out in her wheelchair, speeding down the hallway. She slowed long enough to yell “Hi Daddy! Bye Daddy!” and explain that she was going to get a drink of water. On her way back from the bubbler, she stopped to give me a kiss, and then got herself back to class.

On the way home from the dance studio, Namine told me all about the dance her class was practicing. “It’s the Ghostbusters song, which I’ve heard before, and I know you love Ghostbusters.” (She’s seen clips of the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters on Youtube, but we’re not comfortable with her seeing the movies yet.) “But near the end of the song, it switches to ‘I Love Candy’” — and then she started singing it (pitch-perfect from what I could tell), then continued — “but what candy has to do with the Ghostbusters I couldn’t say. Maybe the ghosts took their candy, and now they have to call the Ghostbusters to get their candy back?”

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