Namine is working harder than ever in dance.

Last week, we brought Namine’s walker to dance class. Despite that, she only used it for one of the classes she’s in. She danced in her walker for ballet, but even after staying in her wheelchair for tap, she was still not up for getting back in her walker for jazz.

She was determined to change that this week.

On the drive to dance class, Namine told me that she was going to use her walker in both ballet and jazz classes. “I won’t be too tired. I am going to dance. I will be strong!”

When she got out of class this evening, Namine was wearing a big smile. She told me proudly that she stayed in her walker for both ballet and jazz, sitting down only for warmups (which require more arm movement than leg anyway). She was tired but she felt good about how hard she worked tonight.

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