Roller racer

Today in therapy, Namine got to try something new.

Namine happened to observe another child using a roller racer and she wanted to try it, too.

The roller racer — at least that’s what Google tells me it’s called, because I don’t remember what Namine’s therapist called it — is a relic of the eighties. They used to be quite prevalent, and if I’m not mistaken, I used to have one when I was a child, too. It’s vaguely triangular in shape; one sat on it, not unlike a tricycle; however, it was not propelled by pedaling. Instead, it was propelled by moving the handles from left to right.

The gym where Namine normally spends her therapy time is carpeted, and proved difficult to “roller-race” on. Her therapist moved her into the hallway, where there was hardwood floor. Namine had a much easier time of it there.

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