June 2016

  • Playing baseball

    Playing baseball

    Namine’s baseball game was last night, instead of Thursday, because of the upcoming holiday.

  • Fairy Fest

    Fairy Fest

    Namine and her cousin attended a little fairy-themed arts and crafts festival over the weekend.

  • Miracle League baseball

    Miracle League baseball

    Namine had a lot of fun at the first day of Miracle League baseball.

  • Dance recital

    Dance recital

    After weeks and weeks of practice, it was finally time for Namine’s dance recital this weekend.

  • Bike Buddy

    Bike Buddy

    This morning we headed out to Independence First, a disability equipment provider. For the next three weeks, we have on loan a combination wheelchair and bicycle. They call it a Bike Buddy.

  • Piano and dance

    Piano and dance

    Last night was Namine’s last dance class before her recital. But before that, she had a piano recital.