What started out as a bug fix turned into a partial rewrite.

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It wasn’t too long ago that I released Cover 1.7, but I soon realized that I had introduced a regression. I had made some changes to Cover’s support of the Aesop Story Engine plugin, but in the process I accidentally made it so that the majority of components couldn’t extend beyond the normal content width.

I had been meaning to rewrite Cover’s ASE styles anyway, so this presented the perfect opportunity. When I’d started out, I had a single stylesheet for ASE styles. Now I’ve broken it into several stylesheets, one for each component.

A while back, one user pointed out to me that Cover did not play nicely with SiteOrigin’s Page Builder plugin. Page Builder is, like Aesop Story Engine, a content creation plugin. Since Cover was built with ASE in mind (ideal for breaking out of the normal content width), I figured supporting Page Builder would not be difficult. I was right.

In the interest of supporting custom page creation, I also added a new page template, one which completely excludes the cover header (but not the nav bar at the top). This assumes the header will be created with custom content.

Do you use Cover? Is there a content creation plugin you’d like to use but that Cover doesn’t play nice with? Let me know in the comments.