I subscribe to some writing prompt newsletters. This morning’s contained an unusual directive. “You must use this word, in whatever context you like, in today’s prompt: kvell.”

Kvell: (slang) to be extraordinarily pleased; especially, to be bursting with pride for one’s family.

Well, this one is easy. I kvell over my daughter, Namine. I am indeed bursting with pride over her strength and determination. Her singular willfulness has enabled her to overcome the many obstacles set against her from birth. It is this aspect of her personality (maddening at some times, astounding at others) to which I refer as her “streak of blue steel.”

I am most impressed when I go with Namine to her dance class. I don’t get the opportunity to attend her physical therapy sessions, but seeing her in ballet and jazz classes amazes me, simply amazes me. Every week I see her trying something new. And even if she doesn’t succeed, her willingness to get up and try again has brought tears to my eyes.

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