44 seconds in

Namine is working hard at learning her recital dance.

There isn’t a recital dance for ballet, so that class is still focused on individual moves instead of whole dances. Namine got to lead the class in practicing the five basic positions, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Last week’s ballet class was Namine’s first time attempting an arabesque. This week I was able to get a short video of her doing it.

Repetition, repetition, repetition

Jazz class was less dedicated to practicing moves, focused instead on learning the recital dance. This, of course, means doing the moves over and over and over again. And again. And again. You get the idea.

I knelt next to Namine during the recital dance practice, same as last week. Together, we figured out the best way to alternate leg and arm moves, allowing Namine to participate in as much of the dance as possible. By the end of the class, the girls had learned moves up to 44 seconds into the song.

When the teacher announced that they were done for the day, Namine didn’t sit down in her walker right away. She stood as straight as she could, then shifted her weight and held out one hand for a fist bump. (Even as tired as she was!) I reciprocated, and we blew it up. A perfect end to a great dance class.

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