• Evelyn
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    Well done, Paul. I’m glad my post inspired your blog post. I love the look of determination in Namine’s eyes in the picture. And, I certainly resonated with your story and can very much relate.

  • Denie Sidney
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    Hi Paul. I just found your site. My husband and I were given the same prognosis for our daughter. The story of the pregnancy sounds almost identical. She was diagnosed with 2 forms of Trisomy 9, Dandy-Walker syndrome, hydrocephalus, and 2 heart defects before she was born. She just had her 5th birthday and she’s thriving as well. The doctors gave us medical facts. We understood, but we didn’t want to end her life prematurely either. Yes, there are challenges, but our daughter is writing new chapters in medical journals so doctors can site our daughter as a glimmer of hope to another family facing a similar diagnosis with such odds against them. Thanks for letting me know that we are not alone.

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